UK Counter-Terror Squad Raids Apartment After Arresting Libyan Man for Reading Stabbing

The man systematically stabbed the victims 'in the neck and under the arms,' said an eyewitness.

After the Reading park stabbing spree in England, a 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder after being detained at the scene. Sources have said the man arrested at the scene is a Libyan. Three people died and three more were left with serious injuries in the stabbing in Reading park, near London.

Counter-terrorism police also raided one block of flats in Reading after finding the suspect was 'a Libyan man.' Despite counter-terrorism officers' presence, early reports said that the case was treated as not terror-related, reports the Daily Mail.

Stabbing (Representational image)
Representational Image

Counter-Terrorism Officers Swarm Suspect's Flat

Almost 20 armed officers swarmed the four-storey block of flats that stood one mile away from the park, with helicopters circling overhead. Neighbors saw them with guns pointed up, while an officer carried an enormous disc cutter.

However, it was unclear if the officers were hunting for suspects inside the flats or they looked for weapons there. Armed officers were present even in Forbury Gardens, the scene of the stabbing.

Footage on social media revealed the aftermath of the attack – three men lay a few feet apart, with their blood soaking the grass.

Counter-terrorism police storm a flat
Counter-terrorism police storm a flat after Reading's stabbing spree Twitter

Suspect Was Arrested By a Hero Cop

Witnesses have said that the attacker targeted a group of middle-aged men 'sitting drinking beer' in Forbury Gardens of the town center at about 7pm. He systematically stabbed them 'in the neck and under the arms,' said witnesses.

The suspect was arrested by a lone hero police sergeant who 'rugby-tackled' him to the floor. The injured victims are in critical condition at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Police asked anyone with mobile phone footage of the attack to come forward. They were also urged not to share such videos and photos online "out of respect for the victims' families," as they were circulated on social media.

This incident was not connected to the Black Lives Matter protest that happened in the park, earlier, said Thames Valley Police, reported BBC. "He stabbed three of them and then turned and started running towards me when we turned and started running." said the 20-year-old Eyewitness Laurence Wort.

"When he realized that he couldn't catch us he tried to stab another group sat down." As everyone started to run even the suspect ran away.