UK Coroner Rules Death of 32-Year-Old Doctor From Brain Clot Was Due to AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

A British coroner has judged that the death of a London doctor in 2021 was directly related to the Covid-19 vaccine he was injected with ten days before his death. The case relates to the death of Dr. Stephen Wright, who worked as a clinical psychologist in south-east London. The deceased doctor's widow had sought to amend the mention of 'natural causes' in his death certificate.

Clot in the Brain

The Daily Mail reports that senior coroner Andrew Harris from London Inner South Coroner's Court, ruled that a blood clot in the brain following the vaccine administration was he cause of the medical professional's death.

Covid Vaccine

"It is very important to record as fact that it is the AstraZeneca vaccine - but that is different from blaming AstraZeneca," the coroner said, according to the Daily Mail. "Dr Wright was a fit and healthy man who had the AstraZeneca vaccine on January 16, 2021, awoke with a headache on January 25 and later developed left arm numbness," the coroner said.

Dead in 10 Days

"My understanding is that this condition is rare. Causes are being examined by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). It seems to me that there is not an action one can take at the moment.'It is being looked at and there are reports being given to the Government from the MHRA and there is advice on the matter," the coroner added.

AstraZeneca YouTube Grab

Dr. Wright's widow said he was one of the first frontline health workers to have been administered the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. Ten days after he was given the vaccine, he died after suffering from a combination of a brainstem infarction, bleeding on the brain and 'vaccine-induced thrombosis'.

The medic was admitted to Princess Royal University Hospital but was taken to King's College Hospital after his condition worsened. "He attended an A&E department just after midnight where was found to have high blood pressure and a sagittal sinus thrombosis. He was transferred to King's College Hospital at 6.39am but, due to the extent of the bleed and very low platelets, was unfit for surgery..." Wright's widow,Charlotte Wright, said.

Legal Action Mulled

Charlotte has said he is thinking about launching legal action against the pharmaceutical company for causing the untimely death of her husband. "It was made clear that Stephen was fit and healthy and that his death was by vaccination of AstraZeneca. For us, it [the death certificate] allows us to be able to continue our litigation against AstraZeneca ... This is the written proof... I think we're only going to get that when we have an answer from AstraZeneca and the government," she added.

"Stephen was a very fit, young and healthy man in January 2021. It is a truly tragic and very rare complication of a well-meant vaccination. We had no knowledge that this was a potential side effect at this time. It's not fully understood why this happens. It's an idiosyncratic reaction. The circumstances arise in a very small number of people. There was no way of knowing that Stephen would have this consequence. It was a rare and unintended consequence," said Dr Mark Howard, a consultant pathologist and medical examiner at King's College Hospital, according to the Daily Mail.