Ugo Eze engenders Hope with his Podcast In Search of Hope

Ugo Eze

Yes! Right! In Search of Hope. This pandemic has wounded the hope of countless people. Even those who outwardly considered themselves to be strong, are in search of solace and inspiration to survive and keep moving. In such terrible times, Ugo Eze has found people from different professions and walks of life who have triumphed over their adversities and has them share their stories of perseverance and hope.

Ugo Eze is a healthcare professional, an oncology nurse specifically, and is fully aware of the tremendous shocks; mental, emotional, and physical traumas people have suffered and are continuing to experience. This is when Ugo decided to help those who need HOPE. He collects Hope from the ones who disperse it in various scopes of life. Be it Real Estate Giants, Healthcare professionals, Executives, Professional athletes, celebrities, and more, Ugo brings them to the thousands of listeners, scattering hope through the audiences with their stories of struggle, survival, and triumph. The hope, that many may have come from very humble beginnings and unimaginable adverse conditions and still succeed in achieving their goals, gives a new ball of confidence to roll upon to the listeners.

Ugo started the Podcast in 2019 after taking care of his own father, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and later passed away from the diagnosis. He needed an outlet for the intense emotions and thoughts he began to experience. Ugo wanted people going through similar rough times, to know that they weren't alone.

This noble cause was applauded and the need for Hope increased as the world tried to navigate through the rough seas of the covid-19 pandemic.

In Search of Hope ranks amongst the first 5% of the Podcasts aired worldwide. Ugo Eze also connects with his audiences on Instagram cheering them up with his vibrant videos and podcast features. Adding on episodes and episodes with more demand from the public, In search of hope can be found on major podcast streaming platforms.

Ugo Eze is also an influencer and a Real Estate Investor and stays in. This multi-tasking personality squeezes his time for creating, collecting, capturing, and distributing one thing; HOPE!