UFO or sign from God? Strange light appeared in Indonesia

YouTube Screenshot: The Hidden Underbelly 2.0

A video uploaded by popular conspiracy theory channel 'The Hidden Underbelly 2.0' is now the hottest point of debate among conspiracy theorists and spiritualists. The video apparently shot from Indonesia on August 21, 2018, shows a strange glowing orb in the skies emanating light in the eeriest manner.

The spooky sighting literally perplexed local residents, and many people believed that the light is a sign from the God. In the meantime, several conspiracy theorists alleged that the lights are from an alien UFO from deep space. These theorists also alleged that extraterrestrial beings are now gearing up for an invasion.

"This bright glowing light just appeared over the town of Cilacap for only a few minutes before deploying an object and disappearing. Witnesses to this event state that the light was silent and if it wasn't for the intense brightness they wouldn't have notice it and others claiming that this was a sign from God," wrote the conspiracy theory channel in the video description.

The video soon went viral on online spaces, and viewers of the channel were quick to speculate what these strange lights could be.

"Wow that light was amazing! Just what exactly did they think that was? That was super crazy! Awesome capture Hidden Underbelly! Keep them great videos coming. God bless and take care," commented UFOs and Aliens, a YouTube user.

"Wow !!! Impressive footage. Wonder if anyone has been in the area of the light to see if any trace evidence there ? Sightings seem to be getting more complex lately more than just a ufo going past in the sky. Take care my friend cheers," commented Tabbitha, another YouTuber.

A section of viewers speculated that these sightings could be the result of a secret project named Project Blue Beam carried out by the elites to establish New World Order. People who believe in this theory alleged that world powers like the United States are now planning to stage an alien invasion to establish a single government under the globe.

This article was first published on August 25, 2018
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