[WATCH] UFO mystery to end? Taiwanese man spots doughnut-shaped object in China

The tourist captured the mysterious object with ridged sides and a hole in the middle above Lake Dian in China.

UFO spotted by police helicopter camera in South Wales
Representational image of an object that appears to spin as the helicopter camera zooms in and out. YouTube grab

A Taiwanese businessman has claimed that he has captured a doughnut-shaped UFO over Lake Dian recently when was in China. John Chen, who is a salesman by profession, said that he clicked the picture on November 1 in south-west China.

According to Chen, he clicked a number of photos of the lake and a few other locations and at that time he didn't notice the object. But, once he was back in Taipei as he checked the photographs and found the mysterious object with ridged sides and a hole in the middle in the pictures.

Following the incident, the 44-year-old salesman had a talk with a leading British UFO researcher Philip Mantle and tried to find out more about the mysterious object. However, Mantle told him that he was not sure about what the object was.

"What I can say is that the photographer in question here has always cooperated and seems to be genuinely puzzled by the images on his photos. He did not see the alleged UFO at the time of taking the photos. Instead, it was a relative that noticed them when he posted them on social media," Mantle told Mail Online.

The UFO researcher added that the picture doesn't look like a hoax, but he said that the doughnut-shaped object could be "some air born debris that has been caught by the camera." He said: "More study needs to be done on these photos before any definite conclusion can be reached, so in the meantime, it remains an open verdict."

However, Chen believes that the doughnut-shaped object is nothing else but a UFO. "It just has to be a UFO. It's a strange doughnut shape in the sky. The strange thing is I didn't see it at the time. It was my wife's sister who spotted them. She said there was something in the pictures and I just thought she was joking," Chen Mail Online.