UFO hunter spots alien spaceship on moon, says it's authentic (VIDEO)

ufo in moon
YouTube Screenshot: Streetcap1

Renowned UFO hunter 'Streetcap1' recently posted a video on his YouTube channel claiming that he has spotted an alien spaceship on the lunar surface. As soon as the video went on air, it became viral among alien enthusiasts, and many people lauded the conspiracy theorist for such a spectacular finding. As of now, the video has fetched more than 34,000 views, and it has now emerged as a debating topic among space buffs.

Is this an authentic footage?

The video uploaded by the conspiracy theorist features a strange object purportedly on the lunar surface and the shape of the weird object literally resembles the alien spaceships which we have seen in sci-fi movies. In the video, the narrator also claimed that the images were taken by the Chang'e 3 lunar rover launched in 2013.

"I don't know what else it could be. Look at the detail. No brightness or color adjustments have been made at all, this is exactly how it appears on the Chinese Chang'e 3 Photographs," wrote 'Streetcap1' on the video's description.

Supporters of 'Streetcap1' seem convinced about his finding, and they are urging that this is something which should be investigated. On the other hand, critics of this YouTube channel are alleging the conspiracy theorist for fabricating the video for more views.

"Looks like vegetation around that object, could the moon actually have trees, bushes, and such? Wouldn't it be cool to live in a world of no deception? Merry Christmas all, great job Streetcap1," commented a user named Michael Proulx.

As people started criticizing 'Streetcap1' for fabricating the footage, the conspiracy theorist soon posted another video to prove the authenticity of the clip uploaded. In the new video, he uploaded the original image and zoomed it until it reaches the weird object. The video he uploaded is now receiving positive responses from YouTube users.

"There is no point in uploading fake rubbish unless you are just in it for money. I am in it for the Kudos which is worth a lot more to me. I take great pride in my work and believe I'm getting quite good at it. When people accuse me of cheating it makes me angry. This is my reply to those that would brand my channel fake," posted 'Streetcap1' in the video's description.

This article was first published on January 3, 2018