UEE, Kim Jaejoong reveal how their ideas of each other changed after working together in KBS2 drama 'Manhole'

UEE says Jaejoong's personality matches with that of his character of Bong Pil in the drama 'Manhole.'

Manhole Teaser
A shot from the teaser for KBS2's upcoming drama 'Manhole.' youtube.com/KBS World TV

The leads of KBS2's upcoming adventure and comedy drama 'Manhole' recently revealed their preconceived ideas about each other and how those ideas changed once they met in person. They also talked about their chemistry on the sets of the drama.

As noted by website Soompi, singers UEE and Jaejoong, were attending a press conference for their upcoming drama 'Manhole,' produced by KBS2. Here they talked about their impressions of each other.

K-pop group JYJ member and actor Kim Jae-joong said about UEE, "I didn't know UEE personally before this [drama], but my image of her was tall and pretty. I thought it would be difficult to approach her since she seemed a bit cold. But once we met, she treated me very comfortably, so I was able to get immersed in my character fairly quickly. Thanks to her, I felt comfortable while acting."

Former member of girl group After School, singer and actress Kim Yu-ji, better known by her stage name UEE, also praised her co-lead and said, "My image of Kim Jaejoong was cold and charismatic, but when we first met, he was dressed so casually. He matches well with his character Bong Pil, and he's really good with ad-libs."

It appears both of them had the wrong impression about each other being cold and unapproachable. It is good to know they are getting along as colleagues. UEE's admission that Jaejoong "matches well with his character Bong Pil," is especially promising for the drama and an assurance of sorts for viewers.

As noted by Soompi previously, 'Manhole' is about an unemployed man named Bong Pil, played by Jaejoong and his one-sided love for his friend Soo Jin, played by UEE. Bong Pil is pushed to a state of despair after Soo Jin announces marriage with another man. The situation is complicated even further when Soo Jin requests Bong Pil to attend her wedding as he is her "one and only best friend." While lost in grief, he accidentally falls into a manhole but ends up travelling back in time.

The subtitle of the drama is "Pil in Wonderland." The story and the subtitle have two obvious references to Lewis Carroll's 1865 fantasy novel 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.'

'Manhole' will premiere on August 9 after 'Queen for 7 Days.' Watch the trailer below.

This article was first published on August 7, 2017