Uber suspends Uber Pool in US, Canada to contain coronavirus spread

Starting Tuesday, the Uber app detailed the Uber Pool option as "unavailable", when a consumers tried to enter a destination

Uber temporarily suspended its pooled rides in the United States and Canada from Tuesday, the company said. The decision is in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus which has claimed thousands of lives across the globe over the past one and a half months. Pooled options provided by ride-hailing services bear the risk of the spread of the deadly virus and the decision is in a move to eliminate such chances.

Ride hailing companies across the globe are struggling following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus which has seen their drivers almost becoming jobless or earning a lot less as people are restricting travelling and avoiding moving out of their houses. Uber's decision will be applicable in the United States and Canada for now as the company is contemplating taking similar measures in other countries too.

Uber makes a wise decision

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On Tuesday morning, the Uber app detailed the Uber Pool option as "unavailable", when a consumer entered a destination. Uber's decision to suspend its pooled service 'Uber Pool' in the US and Canada is an important step by the company towards containing the spread of the coronavirus. Uber Pool allows riders to book trips at a lower price by sharing the vehicle with three other passengers. However, the option stays suspended from Tuesday.

Andrew Macdonald, senior vice president Uber Rides and Platform, said in a statement, "Our goal is to help flatten the curve on community spread in the cities we serve." "We continue being in shut speak to with area leaders and will go on to perform with them to discourage non-vital vacation," he further said.

Uber ride has been extremely popular in a large number of countries given that single riders, with this option, can avail the ride-hailing services at a lower cost. The Uber Pool option matches up to three passengers together in one vehicle travelling in the same direction. That said the company said that its regular Uber on-demand service for individual rides as well as Uber Eats service will continue to be available as before.

Uber waives delivery fee for US restaurants

The Uber logo is seen on a screen in Singapore August 4, 2017 Thomas White/Reuters

Alongside the announcement, Uber also said that it will be waiving the delivery fee for local restaurants in the United States and Canada. Moreover, the company will also allow requests for food to be left at the doorsteps by delivery couriers. Also, from Tuesday, riders in the US and Canada, while booking their individual rides, have been coming across a message that is being given as a reminder to consider if the ride they are availing is essential and to "travel only when necessary."

Riders are also being asked by the company to consider the safety of the drivers and are being requested to wash their hands before and after taking a ride. Uber said that is also committing to deliver meals to more than 300,000 healthcare workers working on the frontline of the pandemic. The company also said that it is evaluating enacting similar measures of suspending its pooled service in other countries if required.

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