U Kwon-Jeon Sun Hye Relationship: Model Announces Breakup with Block B member on Instagram?

Block B member U Kwon and model Jeon Sun Hye have parted ways after 10 years. The model announced her breakup on Instagram Sunday, May 1. She posted a message on the photo-sharing platform for her thousands of followers. She accompanied the post by a caption. The caption read: I'm deleting this post tomorrow.

In her message, the model said she has been receiving several direct messages from many of her followers. They were curious to know about her relationship with the K-pop idol. So, she is trying to end the worries through this post. The model then revealed that she is no more in a relationship with the Block B member.

"These days I've been receiving DMs from many people who are looking at my Instagram Story, and many seem very worried, so I'll speak carefully to put an end to their concerns. We're currently living comfortably as friends, not lovers. Thank you for supporting us and watching over us well during that time. Good job today", she wrote.


Netizens' Reactions

The post immediately captured the attention of many of her Instagram followers, and they wished her happiness in the comments section.

"I hope you are okay", an Instagram user wrote.

"Oh no! I wish you happiness", another netizen said.

"I hope you both stay happy", the third person stated.

Jeon Sun Hye and U Kwon
Model Jeon Sun Hye and Block B member U Kwon call it quits. Instagram

U Kwon officially started dating Jeon Sun Hye in 2012, and he announced the news through his official fan cafe. Since he always spoke about his relationship comfortably, the fans were looking forward to his marriage with the model.