Tzuyu photo scandal: SBS in soup after using inappropriate photo from Taiwan flag controversy

After Taiwan Flag controversy, the inappropriate use of Tzuyu's photo angered the fans.

Tzuyu's Taiwan Flag controversy is still a sensitive issue for her fans. Pinterest

SBS is facing severe criticism from outrageous fans over using a photograph of K-pop girl group Twice singer Tzuyu. The picture sparked startling response from the singer's fans for the picture was actually a screen capture from the apology video after the controversial 'Taiwan Flag' scandal.

SBS shared an article with the eye catching headline, "The Prestige of the #1 Searched Phrase" . Although the article was earlier deleted it was subsequently reposted with a different photo of Tzuyu. But the new post from SBS is also being bombarded with detestable words from fans who are still upset with the use of inappropriate picture of the popular singer.

The original post sought to describe how the singer's name, Tzuyu, became the number one searched word. The account reads, "Among celebrities, Tzuyu was the number one searched word. #SBSNews #TaiwanIndependence #DescendantsOfTheSun #LoveInTheMoonlight".

The controversy broke out in November this year after Tzuyu preferred to uphold the flag of Taiwan. It all started during an episode of the TV program 'My Little Television' broadcast by MBC. All the members of the pop group Twice were asked to hold a flag of their respective countries in the TV show as the band is composed of members hailing from different countries.

Tzuyu, who is currently based in South Korea but originally hails from Taiwan preferred to greet the audience upholding her Taiwanese identity and therefore chose to hold up a Republic of China Flag. The singer's choice of flag sparked controversy although Tzuyu's fans have been very supportive and appreciated her confidence to strongly uphold her choice of flag attached to her identity.

The infamous dispute surrounding the Taiwan Flag made Tzuyu the most searched phrase over internet but the issue still remains sensitive for her fans who support the singer's stand.

This article was first published on December 29, 2016