Tymely Leverages NLP to Revolutionize eCommerce Customer Service

Tymely Leverages

As far as customer service goes, AI solutions and bots still have a long way to go. As the era of digitalization further advances and market demands continue to rise, sectors left and right are relentlessly digging deep to fulfill 100% customer satisfaction. The eCommerce industry has seen a huge surge in the volume of customer inquiries since the beginning of the pandemic, simultaneously displaying a massive increase in product orders and backlogs. While it presents an opportunity to build a strong base of clients, a company's customer service quality is the deal breaker, possibly deterring the chance to retain clients and grow in revenue.

Communication is vital in connecting with consumers. From product inquiries, refund requests, to item exchanges, the capacity to satisfy buyers and take appropriate action to their concerns is cardinal in eCommerce. This is where bots' flaws are exposed. For one, customers need more than just information and life-like conversations. More often than not, they're reaching out to find a solution to a problem. While AI tools can initially handle the first few stages of this process, CS agents eventually take over to implement resolutions. Not only does this take more time, but it makes the billion-dollar investments of companies in AI and chatbots futile.

One Israeli-based tech startup has noticed these shortcomings and is about to bring forth change in the eCommerce sector: Tymely.

With their recent $7-million investment raise, Tymely aims to automate eCommerce customer service by leveraging NLP, creating an AI-human hybrid technology that delivers what bots alone can't. "I am very happy for the backing of Hetz Investments, 97212, and D.E. Shaw Group in helping with the expansion of my vision to improve customer service for everyone," says Ph. D candidate for NLP and Deep Learning, Ohad Rozen, Co-Founder and CEO of Tymely.

Human-Verified NLP

The main issue with AI solutions and bots is their incapacity to understand the nuances of human language that are often subtly implied. While their mastery of delivering information and carrying a conversation is exceptional, their ability to solve complex problems that require in-depth analysis and solutions still has room for improvement. For one, bots aren't innately natural-language processors. This means that they still can't adapt to the layers of human interaction other than skimming through the surface from the data they receive.

Tymely saw this opportunity to improve NLP through human verification. "We created a solution that harnesses the power of human verification and human conscience and the brilliance of AI technology to produce a one-of-a-kind solution that delivers rapid, bespoke responses tailored to each inquiry," says Roy Penny, Co-Founder and CTO of Tymely.

What it does is that Tymely experts verify data from the AI's response, implementing necessary actions on every ticket, and making sure that appropriate resolutions transpire before they're released. Through this, 100% accuracy is guaranteed, a 5-minute turnaround time is achieved, and customer satisfaction is provided.

The future of customer service is looking bright with Tymely's AI-human hybrid technology, accelerating growth in eCommerce through a solid end-to-end platform, yielding exceptional outputs.