Tyga, Kylie Jenner break-up: 'Not trust issues, just the careers'

It is being stated that the couple may have parted ways due to trust issues

'Rack City' rapper Tyga has opened up about his alleged break-up with reality TV star Kylie Jenner. The couple, who started dating two years ago, called it quits a month ago.

In an exclusive brief interview with TMZ, Tyga revealed that the prominent reason behind the split is the priority each of them places on their careers. He told the web portal that they both want to focus on their own lives right now.

When asked about whether their age difference came in the way of their relationship, the 26-year-old, after pondering a few seconds, replied: "Uh, I think, you know, we're just both focused on our lives, our individual lives, and sometimes things just don't work out." However, he added that he still loves her.

In an earlier statement at the launch of singer's clothing line after the break-up, Tyga asserted that he was working hard and aiming high.

When asked about his break-up, the 18th Dynasty singer told E!: "I'm good, you know. Just another day, and working hard, and trying to get to that next level and achieve big things and evolve."

Meanwhile, as per reports swirling around, the couple parted ways due to trust issues. A source told People that Tyga's lie made Kylie insecure of the relationship. "He was repeatedly lying to her face and she just couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't trust a word he said," an insider stated.

The pair has been dating since 2014 when Kylie was still a minor. The duo made thier relationship official in February 2015.