Tyga who has son with Blac Chyna, allegedly warned Rob Kardashian not to have a baby with herReuters

Tyga reportedly hopes Rob Kardashian will take things slowly with Blac Chyna. The 26-year-old rapper apparently warned the sock entrepreneur not to have a baby with the model.

Tyga, who has three-year-old son King Cairo with Chyna had intense fight over custody of their child. A source told Hollywood Life: "Tyga thinks Rob's about to make a huge mistake if he has a baby with Blac. Tyga's already told Rob not to have Blac's baby because if he does, it's going to cost him a fortune."

"Over the past few years, Tyga's laced Chyna with so much money for King it's ridiculous," the insider added. "Granted, there's no dollar amount too large for Tyga to spend on his son. He simply wants to do it himself and not fork it over to Blac."

"It's just a brotherly warning Tyga gave. But then again, it's Rob and Blac's life and they can do what they want. Tyga would hate to see Blac get another man for his dollars. Rob hasn't really worked in a while. But let him have Blac's baby and she doesn't get her way! Rob will be working until he's 90 years old, and then some," the source continued.

In January, Chyna went public with the couple's romance by posting a photo of her snuggling into Kim Kardashian's little brother's tattooed arm on Instagram. Following that, Rob had posted a meme that suggested Chyna was pregnant with his child.

The beginning ☘

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Meanwhile, the Rack City hitmaker who is dating Rob's sister Kylie Jenner, had revealed he is not worried about the E! reality TV star's relationship with Chyna. He told E! News: "Everybody deserves to be happy."

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