Two Missouri Hairstylists Worked While Symptomatic, Potentially Exposed 140 Customers to Coronavirus

After the News Reached Millions of Concerned People, on Twitter Some of Them Blamed Trump for His Economy Reopening Plans

Missouri health officials said that two hairstylists who worked despite being symptomatic potentially exposed 140 clients to Coronavirus this month. As per the Springfield-Greene Health Department, the second hairstylist who tested positive for COVID-19 may have exposed to 56 clients at the Great Clips salon. The department earlier said that another hairstylist with Coronavirus at the same salon came in contact with almost 84 customers and seven co-workers.

Reports mentioned that both of them had the symptoms of COVID-19 while working for weeks but they did not provide details on their health condition or when they tested positive to the healthcare workers. This incident highlights the dangers related to the community spread and in the country at the time when U.S. economies reopening.

Coronavirus Spread

Hairstylists worked while symptomatic
Hairstylists worked while symptomatic Pixabay

It should be mentioned that both the hairstylists who worked from the second week of May till Wednesday, May 20, wore masks and the faces of their clients were also covered, said Health Department adding that "It is the hope of the department that because face coverings were worn throughout this exposure timeline, no additional cases will result."

Clay Goddard, director of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department mentioned that the salon kept a record of the customers that helped officials in terms of contact tracing. He said at a news conference that "I'm going, to be honest with you: We can't have many more of these," and "We can't make this a regular habit or our capabilities as a community will be strained."

The owner of the Great Clips told KYTV that the well-being of the customers and stylists in the salon is our top priority, while proper sanitization has always been an important cosmetology industry practice for the salons. He mentioned that "We've closed the salon where the employee works and it's currently undergoing additional sanitizing and deep cleaning."

Netizens, who came across the news started blaming U.S. President Donald Trump for being impatient with reopening the economy movement. One netizen stated that "Second hairstylist potentially exposed 56 clients to Covid-19. Two out of the same shop has now exposed 145 people! This is what happens when you get in a hurry to open us back up!".

Another Twitter user mentioned that "The show me state of Missouri shows us all how STUPID Trump is to demand states disregard advice & reopen now!".

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