Two American soldiers found dead in South Korea; cause of death under probe

Us Army imposes strict measures in South Korea for service men

Two American soldiers were found dead in Camp Humphreys, Seoul, South Korea within two consecutive days over the last weekend. American military news outlet Stars and Stripes reported that cause of their death is still not found yet.

Marissa Jo Gloria from Moorhead was found unresponsive on Saturday. She was declared dead by emergency medical personal. Gloria, 25, joined the army in January 2019 from Fargo, North Dakota. After completing the training from Missouri she was assigned to the sustainment brigade last April in Seoul, South Korea.

"Marissa was a key member of the Jungle Cats Battalion. We are all deeply saddened by the loss and will keep her family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time," said Lt Col Robert Don, commander of brigades.

US Army
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Clay Welch, second soldier who was found dead in his barracks

Clay Welch, 20, was the second soldier who was found dead the next day Marissa died, on Sunday. He joined the army from Detroit, Michigan in September 2017 and was assigned in South Korea last month. "Clay's death affects every member in our formation. We are all deeply saddened by the loss," said Lt Col James Armstrong, battalion commander.

The report added that both the soldiers did not die due to COVID-19 disease since there are high concerns of coronavirus outbreak in South Korea. None of them showed any symptoms of the virus.

US military and coronavirus

Us Army is taking strict measures in South Korea against the spread of the virus. Army members have been restricted from travels that are not essential and off-post social activities. US military recorded around 250 cases confirmed worldwide while military bases in Alaska, Hawaii and Texas are reporting new cases of spreading of virus amongst the troops there.

Whereas South Korea recorded more than 9,000 cases confirmed and death toll reached up to 126 due to coronavirus. Korea Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recorded lowest number of 64 new cases on Monday since late February when daily number of new cases were on peak.

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