Twitterati Celebrate '#NationalTrumpTwitterBlackout' Sunday, Back Joe Biden for Presidency

Twitterati is hitting back at Donald Trump and standing up to his antics on his choicest rant ground — Twitter — by observing #NationalTrumpTwitterBlackout Day

Twitter has in many ways been the "official" medium of communication for US President Donald Trump. From attacks directed at individuals to bizarre rants to unexpected announcements, the micro-blogging platform is the president's go-to medium.

However, in the midst of his administration's mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic and his election campaign, Twitterati is hitting back at him and standing up to his antics on his choicest rant ground by turning Sunday into #NationalTrumpTwitterBlackout Day and supporting Joe Biden with #GoJoe.

US President Donald Trump

Most of the tweets are centered on the 2020 presidential election. It has witnessed by far one of the most aggressive campaigns, especially from Trump who has taken to various social media platforms to tarnish his competition. Biden, in particular, has been Trump's target for long. From using Facebook ads claiming that Biden is facing cognitive decline to reposting memes portraying Biden to be a pedophile, the Trump campaign's attacks have been both distasteful and exceedingly personal.

Here are some of the best tweets that capture the essence of both the hashtags.

Open Support For Joe Biden

Well, some tweets are simply unbridled expressions of support for Biden. Several of them stated that Biden would make a better president than Trump.

Mincing No Words Against 'The Donald'

When the tweets were not in support of Biden, they took scathing potshots at Trump himself. Twitterati did not mince words when it came to shredding the 45th president of the US. From his handling of the coronavirus crisis to the unsubstantiated facts stated by him at briefings, much about the man was under attack.

The Obama Connection

When one talks about Biden, can references to Barrack Obama be far behind? As expected, many of the tweets featured the 44th president of the United States, and their "camaraderie" that Biden often invokes with him.

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