Twitter Reacts After Prince Charles Says His Aston Martin Car Runs on Cheese Waste and Wine

Britain's Prince Charles has revealed his old Aston Martin sports car runs partly on cheese waste and surplus white wine. He disclosed the surprising fact about his automobile in an interview with the BBC Radio.

The car was a gift from his mother, Queen Elizabeth, on his 21st birthday. Charles said he had asked the Aston Martin engineers to make the car environmentally friendly, although, it wasn't easy early on but the company relented and gave the prince his wish.

Charles explained that because gasoline is so bad for the atmosphere, he had his vehicle converted so that it could travel using a different method.

He told the BBC that the old car still works, but using waste products instead of gas.

"My old Aston Martin, now on waste products," the royal family member told the BBC when asked about his large carbon footprint. "It runs on — can you believe this — surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process."

Charles Intends to Reduce His Own Carbon Footprint?

He also spoke about personal measures he has undertaken at his palaces to reduce his carbon footprint.

"I haven't eaten meat and fish on two days a week and I don't eat dairy products on one day a week," he said. "If more [people] did that, you would reduce a lot of the pressure."

"I've made sure to ensure that the heating is done in a way that is sustainable. I put in biomass boiler systems and solar panels which I've managed to get on the roof of Clarence House and at Highgrove," he added.

Charles spoke ahead of the UN climate summit scheduled to be held in Scotland in November and said that he understood the frustration the climate campaigners felt but called for "more constructive rather than destructive" methods.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles Wikimedia Commons

Social Media Reactions

Once the internet users became aware of how the Prince of Wales fills up his car, Twitter was full of interesting comments. One user wrote, "Is there a secret button that you press and out pops a cheese board?" Another wrote, "Why am I only finding out this now, if I had a car running on wine and cheese, I'd never ride the car. I'd eat it all before it gets in. Oops."

One comment read, "He actually said it runs on English wine - which seems like a PR gift to the French if you ask me."

"Never mind your car, I'm running on wine and cheese. Well, wine mostly," one Twitter user joked. "Big deal. Mine runs on caviar, but you don't hear me bragging," said another.

One comment read, "Thank goodness. He is single-handedly saving the environment with the waste of the upper class. Bravo, Chuck." Another comment read, "His Surplus wine probably costs more than petrol and diesel these days, these elites have no shame."

"And his brother runs from child sex trafficking," said one user.