Twitter Lite
Twitter launches Twitter Lite with faster launch times and quicker navigation

Twitter has just launched the ultra-light version of its micro-blogging app called 'Twitter Lite' for the mobile platform to minimise data use, enrich user experience on slower network connections, and consume less than 1MB of disk space for installation on your device.

Twitter Lite has additional features in Google Chrome and other modern browsers on Android devices. You can now receive a wide range of push notifications, so you'll be alerted to what's happening on Twitter throughout the day. Twitter Lite also offers offline support, so you will not be interrupted while using Twitter if you temporarily lose your connection. You can also add Twitter Lite to your device's home screen, so you can launch Twitter quickly with just one tap.

Furthermore, the Lite version reportedly brings up to 30% faster launch times and ultra-quick navigation capabilities. Avid Twitter users may choose to preview their favourite images and videos before actually downloading them and thereby make the most of this inbuilt feature known as 'Data Saver mode'.

Twitter Lite - Data Saver mode
Twitter Lite's Data Saver mode

It has been touted that the Data Saver mode can reduce data usage up to 70% in comparison to normal mode with the original Twitter app. Interested users may go ahead and download the Twitter Lite app via on their smartphone or tablet.