Twitter flags profiles with 'potentially sensitive content'

In this new feature some users' profiles are flagged as containing "potentially sensitive data".


Twitter has been working on making the platform safer for quite some time now. Recently it has incorporated a new feature on the micro-blogging site in order to protect its users. In this new feature, which is under testing for now, some users' profiles are flagged as containing "potentially sensitive data".

When a user clicks on the links of these flagged profiles, a pop-up message warns "Caution: This profile may include sensitive content", reported TechChrunch. Apparently, the warning message takes up the whole page view so that, users have to click a prompt agree to view the profile.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that this feature is being tested "as part of our continued work to make Twitter safer," reported

Twitter is also introducing several new optional filters, which will prevent users from getting notified when certain accounts tweet at them, says the report. These new filters will include accounts without profile pictures, known as "eggs" for the default egg profile picture given to a new user by Twitter. Reportedly, the new features will all be augmented with machine learning in order to better its algorithm to detect malicious accounts.

This article was first published on March 12, 2017