Donald Trump

Heard about shutting down US President Donald Trump's Twitter account? Well, someone has actually done it.

If you had tried to check Trump's latest tweet around 4 pm Pacific time on Thursday, you were probably greeted with the message, "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!" Interestingly, this wasn't the work of a suddenly enlightened Trump who had decided to abandon Twitter. It was instead an employee of the social media company who wanted to have some fun at his last day of work.

Twitter Government initially posted that Donald Trump's account (@realdonaldtrump) had been "inadvertently deactivated due to human error". The account had been unavailable for 11 minutes to be precise and after that, it was restored. An investigation is already on, so that such a disgrace never happened again.

Twitterati had a gala time trying to decipher the cause of the deactivation. Some thought that Trump had finally seen sense, while others discussed the possibility of it being an inside job. Turns out, the latter were right.

An update on the deactivation, posted by Twitter Government, states that their investigation has discovered the culprit behind the deed. It was none other than a Twitter customer support employee who sabotaged Trump's account on his last day of work. What could be more adventurous than adding this deed to your CV?

Several Twitter users have expressed the wish to see Trump's account suspended after he made it a hub of posting controversial statements on world matters and personalities. Recently, he had threatened North Korea via the Twitter account over their nuclear tests, prompting Kim Jong-un to call him mentally 'retarded' and 'dotard'.

Currently, Trump has about 40 million followers on the social site, although it is tough to figure out how many of them seek flash news from him.