TWICE to work with transgender composer German singer Kim Petras

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The K-pop girl band has been in the news for all the good reasons. Now, the band is set to become the first K-pop group to work with the transgender composer Kim Petras.

Based in Los Angeles, Kim Petras gained public attention for her sex change surgery at the tender age of 16, making her one of the youngest to undergo this procedure. The bold artist has expressed her wish to been noticed for her music and not for her gender identity. According to Billboard magazine, Petra felt proud of her identity and hoped to bring more awareness and visibility to the transgender community.

Petras also made headlines earlier this year for being open to working with her producer Dr. Luke who was publically accused of sexual assault. There is an ongoing case against the producer by singer Kesha with the composer claiming to maintain distance from the ongoing litigation between the two.

The talented composer has worked with Klass, Vali, JoJo and Skylar Stecker among others. Kim Petras has been credited for co-writing the music for TWICE's upcoming "Yes or Yes".

However, the fans of the K-pop band have expressed mixed reactions to the artists' collaboration and hope to see a positive outcome from this move. The expectation is high among TWICE's fans as is evident with the latest teaser release of the music video showing Jungyeon driving a mysterious car beckoning the viewers to join her on an eerie ride to "TWICE SQUARE".

The album will contain a total of seven tracks namely "Yes or Yes", "Say you love me", "LaLaLa", "Young and Wild", "Sunset", "After Moon", and Korean version of "BDZ". TWICE's "Yes or Yes" will be their 6th mini-album slated for a November 5th release.

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