TVXQ's Changmin to Marry Non-celebrity Girlfriend in September; Here Are The Details

Only family members and close friends of the bride and groom attending the wedding.

TVXQ's Changmin has announced wedding to his non-celebrity girlfriend on September 5. Instagram

Kpop idol Max Changmin has announced marriage with his non-celebrity girlfriend. TVXQ member is all set for a September wedding. Changmin has written to his fans announcing his big plan and his agency SM Entertainment too has reacted to the news.

Shim Chang Min, popularly known as Changmin, will tie the knot with his girlfriend on September 5. As she is a non-celebrity, the details about her and family have not been made public. The wedding will be held privately. Only family members and close friends of the bride and groom attending the event. Reports claimed that Changmin, 32, met his bride through a mutual friend. Other details of the wedding including venue and time are not known yet.

In a handwritten letter, Changmin wrote to fans that this news was not something he could say easily and said that he was nervous as he wrote each word of the letter. First of all, he apologized for the sudden news as it might have shocked his fans. But he also expressed hope that fans will support the decision with affection.

Changmin's Handwritten Letter to Fans

"I share a good relationship with the woman I am currently dating. We have trust and faith in each other. Thus I want to spend the rest of my life with this person and decided to continue the journey of my life with her by getting married to her in September," said Changmin in his letter.

"I believe that my path ahead will hold greater responsibility than the path I have walked on until now. Therefore, I will do my best in every moment and with every task I am given," added Changmin. He ended his letter by asking his fans to take good care of their bodies and minds in the time of the pandemic.

Changmin letter
Changmin announced the news of wedding in a handwritten letter to his fans. Twitter

Changmin's agency SM Entertainment also reacted to the news and said that Changmin will be getting married to his girlfriend on September 5. It apologized to the fans for not being able to release any more details of the wedding considering the non-celebrity status of the bride and her family.

But the agency confirmed that Changmin will continue to be a member of TVXQ. Changmin entered the Kpop world as a high school student. After his 17-yea stint, he is one of the top Kpop idols in South Korea. Now in his mid 30s, Changmin has spent half of his life as TVXQ member.

TVXQ's Changmin will get married to his girlfriend on September 5. Instagram

He thanked his fans for showering their love on TVXQ when he and a fellow member of the group, Yunho, were uncertain about the future of the group. He also thanked Yunho and agency staff who gave him their sincere advice on the wedding decision.

This article was first published on June 12, 2020