Turkey-Greece Earthquake: Videos of Buildings Collapsing and Sea Disappearing Emerge

People of Izmir and Greek Islands were shocked as water gushed through in a mini tsunami-like situation following the earthquake.

Disturbing videos of the impact of the earthquake that shook Turkey and Greece on Friday are flooding on social media. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the Aegean Sea resulted in destruction in both the countries, killing at least 26 people and injuring more than thousand. Reports claim that as many as 196 aftershocks were felt, with 23 of them of 4.0 magnitude.

People have posted videos of buildings razing, sea water disappearing, people inside buildings fearing for their life and floods drowning various regions. The city of Izmir in Turkey saw massive devastation. There has been a huge loss of life and property. Relief operations are on full spree.

7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Greece on October 30. Twitter screengrabs

Izmir, Samos Disaster

Many buildings in Izmir province and Greek Island Samos saw major damage. A small Tsunami struck the Seferihisar district south of Izmir province. The entire region was submerged in floods. A video showed a part of high-rise building in Izmir collapsing due to the effects of earthquake. There were also photographs of smokes rising from various buildings in Izmir.

Another video showed people working inside a building in Izmir experience the tremors. They are heard shouting as they fear for their life. It is said that many people are stranded inside the buildings that have been partially damaged. Rescue teams are doing their best to search for survivors.

Another video showed a part of sea water disappearing in Izmir. The epicenter was reported 16.5 kms below the Aegean Sea. However, tsunami alert was not issued. Tremor was experienced in both the Aegean and Marmara regions in Istanbul.

Though there was no warning, a mini tsunami hit various regions including Cesme and Seferihisar in Izmir. It is said that Siğacik in Izmir province had experienced more destruction from floods than from the earthquake. The Greek Island of Samos also experienced the effects of tsunami.

At least 20 buildings have been damaged and more than 800 injured in Turkey alone. Reports also claimed that vehicles were crushed under buildings and search team was digging through debris in search of survivors.