Turkey Earthquake: Mall Collapses, Houses on Fire; Footage and Images Reveal Extensive Damage

More than 100 people have been killed in a powerful earthquake that hit a wide area in south-eastern Turkey, near the Syrian border. Rescue teams are working round the clock to search for survivors under huge piles of rubble as many buildings have collapsed in ten major cities in Turkey.

People have taken to social media to highlight the disaster and the damage left in the wake of the devastating earthquake. A level 4 alarm, that calls for international assistance, has been declared in Turkey.

Collapse building
A building collapsed in the earthquake Twitter

In Diyarbakir, a shopping mall collapsed. People have fled their homes, taking shelter in cars due to fear of aftershocks and more collapsing buildings. People in one quake-struck Turkish city pulled away chunks of concrete and twisted metal. People on the street shouted to others inside a partially toppled apartment building, leaning dangerously.

People looking for their loved ones in the rubble. Twitter

Survivors are being pulled out.

A pile of rubble. Twitter

Powerful Shocks Wake Up Families

Nihat Altundag told reporters that powerful shocks from the earthquake woke up his family. "Our house looks solid from the outside but there are cracks inside. There are destroyed buildings around me, there are houses on fire.

There are buildings that are cracking. A building collapsed just 200 meters away from where I am now. Thank god, our friends are safe, but we heard there are people who can't get out of their homes, and there are people we can't reach." Altundag said they are waiting for the sun to rise so that they can see the scale of the earthquake.

This article was first published on February 6, 2023