Tulsa Gunman Michael Louis Bought AR-15 Rifle Three Hours Before Shooting Four People Dead at St Francis Hospital

Tulsa gunman Michael Louis bought an AR-15 rifle just three hours before shooting four people dead in a hospital including the doctor who treated him. Louis bought the gun at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. The shooter was also armed with a handgun when he went to St. Francis Hospital at 5 p.m.

Five people were dead including the gunman in Saint Francis Health System on Wednesday.

Tulsa gunman Michael Louis
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Gunman Also Had A Semi-Automatic Pistol

Police on Thursday confirmed that the gunman opened fire inside the Natalie Building, killing Dr. Preston Phillips and Dr. Stephanie Husen, receptionist Amanda Glenn and a patient, William Love.

The shooter, who underwent back surgery at the hospital on May 19, had complained multiple times about pain, seeking additional treatment days before the attack.

Gunman Blamed Dr Philips For His Continuous Back Pain

Louis was admitted to the hospital and was released on May 24. A few days after, he made repeated complaints of back pain.

The gunman blamed Dr. Philips, who had treated him, for his continuous back pain.

Gunman Had A Letter Which Confirmed That He Wanted To Shoot Dr Philips

Officials have informed that the gunman had received additional treatment at the hospital on May 31 but he continued his complaint of back pain. Louis had also bought a semi-automatic pistol.

Police officials have also revealed that a letter was recovered from the gunman and it made clear that his intention was to shoot Dr. Philips and any other who comes in his way.

The shooting at the Tulsa hospital started around 4:52 pm on the building's second floor.

A doctor was on a video call with someone and told the person to call 911 to report shots fired, the chief said. Police received the first report at 4:53 and were on the scene 3 minutes later, according to NPR.

The gunman is believed to have shot himself as police officers had reached close to the second floor. During the shooting, the gunman had also made a call to his wife.