Tuas Checkpoint faces 3-hour disruption; ICA informs about heavy traffic at Woodlands Checkpoint

Tuas Checkpoint
Tuas Checkpoint YouTube grab

The immigration clearance systems at Tuas Checkpoint experienced a three-hour-long traffic disruption on Saturday morning, while the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) clarified that Woodlands Checkpoint also experienced heavy traffic flow.

ICA issued an advisory on Facebook at around 5 am that the immigration clearance system at Tuas Checkpoint was facing intermittent delays. In addition, it said immigration clearance at the affected lanes progressively resumed from 7.20 am on Saturday morning.

"More resources were immediately deployed to manage the situation. Officers from the morning shift reported to work earlier, while our officers on night shift remained behind to assist in the clearance of travellers," the Facebook post added.

This disruption caused heavy traffic jam at the Tuas Checkpoint's departure and arrival zones.

Later, at around 6.35 am ICA posted on social media that the Woodlands Checkpoint was also facing heavy departure traffic.

In their post, ICA mentioned that sudden traffic jam at Woodlands was caused by the backflow of traffic from Malaysia, cautioning motorists to be prepared for the unexpected delays.

The officials also advised the travellers to check One Motoring website before embarking on their journey.

However, at around 9.45 am ICA again shared a post on social media to inform the travellers that the "immigration clearance system at Tuas Checkpoint resumed normalcy at 9.30 am."

ICA added that they regret "the inconvenience caused to travellers who have taken a long time to clear immigration. We thank travellers for their patience and cooperation with ICA officers on the ground."