Tselmuun Nyamtaishirof Mongolyn Alt Mak Leads National Charity Effort

Tselmuun Nyamtaishir

The role of women in Mongolia's business community has been steadily on the rise since the country reoriented towards the market economy in the early '90s. Tselmuun Nyamtaishir, CEO and President of one of the largest Mongolia's business groups, Mongolyn Alt Mak, is an outstanding example of a Valparaiso University, IN, young female business leader. She is a good example of a successful 2nd generation business leader in Mongolia.

The business group she heads was founded by Tselmuun's father, Nyamtaishir Byambaa, in 1993, and is made of companies active in metals and mining, banking, construction materials, hospitality, and aviation, a combination requiring a wealth of specific knowledge and management acumen. Having started in the family business in 2009, Tselmuun has moved up in the ranks to occupy the leading executive position through her comprehensive management experience and Western business education. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree known for its outstanding College of Business, and is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard Business School's Executive Education Program.

Among other group's constituent companies, Tselmuun sits on the board of Hunnu Airlines, Xac Bank, each being one of the leading companies in its respective sectors. As a spin-off from her main occupation, she participated in Mongolia's Shark Tank show as a judge and an investor 'shark' during two seasons. Being one of the show's most popular judges, Tselmuun greatly contributed to the show's sky-high popularity in the country.

In 2018, Tselmuun and her husband Battushig Batbold, head of another major national industrial group, Altai Holding, set up a charity foundation, named after them. Through the Battushig and Tselmuun Foundation, the duo donates to education, healthcare, and sports. Among the recipients are the Gurvan Gal Maternity Hospital that received funds to purchase much-needed equipment for newly-born children, and the Songdo Hospital's initiative that raised the financing for heart surgeries for children. Among sports projects assisted by the Foundation was the co-sponsoring of the Mongolian athletes' official gear for the Winter Youth Games.

Tselmuun and her husband are also contributing to several education programs in their home country.