TSA Agent Caught Abusing K9 on Explosion Detection Team; Gets Fired After Viral Video

A viral video showing a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent abusing his K9 has sparked a lot of fury on the social media. The incident took place at Detroit Metro Airport.

TSA agent
The TSA agent was caught on camera abusing a K9 Twitter

Dog Was Part of Explosion Detection Team

The video, which was shot by a passerby, surfaced on Sunday. It shows the canine being aggressively pulled by its handler while taking rounds of the airport. According to Local 4, the dog was working with TSA agents in the explosion detection team.The handler is seen moving the dog back and forth in the video. Instead of letting the dog change direction on its own, he is seen violently pulling the canine with its leash. In a communique to the outlet, the TSA, without revealing the identity of the agent, said that he has been removed from handling duties and an investigation has been ordered.

"Video showing a TSA explosive detection canine handler aggressively pulling a dog working in a Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) terminal was shared with local leadership this morning.The behavior displayed by this handler is unacceptable and not within the high standards we hold our officers to," read the statement adding that the dog was taken to a veterinarian for a checkup.

Social Media Reacts

Even though the handler was fired by the TSA, the video left many people enraged on social media. "OUTRAGEOUS: This TSA agent at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport was caught on video repeatedly yanking the service dog by the neck. He should be identified and fired immediately," tweeted a user.

"@TSA. What the hell is this!? You let your employees treat a dog like that? He needs discipline and probably Ella fitness for duty evaluation. Anyone this cruel almost certainly would abuse people as well," wrote another user.

"That man's behaviour was deplorable, that dog couldn't do its job being treated like that," expressed a user.

"That dog is badly STRESSED. That's no handler, he's a THUG TSA. Yet another fed agency good for NOTHING," opined a user.

"There is a special hell for people that abuse animals. If TSA dogs are considered law enforcement like police dogs are this assholes needs to be charged with assault on an officer. If not, Animal cruelty charges," read a tweet.