Trying hard to make your New Year resolutions last? Download these 5 apps to stick to target

The new year has already kicked in and people have welcomes 2020 with a lot of happiness and positivity

The new year has already kicked in and people have welcomed 2020 with happiness and positive enthusiasm. Each person has different goals or dreams in life and with every new year we try to set new resolutions to fulfill our ambitions and accomplish our goals. People believe that new year resolutions will help them to move forward in the right direction, but many of them often fail to stick to their resolution for long.

But, now it can be easier to maintain your resolution with a bit of tech support and self-motivation. All you need is the right mobile app that will help you achieve your goal for this new year. Here, we have hand-picked the top five goal-setting apps to complete your 2020 resolutions.

New Year


This mobile app is one of the most popular and powerful habit tracking app that will allow you to break out your goals into achievable targets. The app is extremely user friendly. One has to simply set a goal along with the target and eventually make it a regular habit. Once the habit is successful, the app will show it in green, while the unsuccessful ones will turn red. As long as your targets are not fulfilled, the app will keep on reminding you about your goals and challenges you to complete those. However, the Strides app is available for the iOS users only.


Developed at Duke's Behavioural Economics Lab, the Fabulous app uses a science-based approach to help the users in self-improvement. Apart from goal setting, the app also allows the user to create or eliminate a habit as per requirement. Though the app costs about Rs 3,249 per year, the users can try the app for free for a week to check the utility. Fabulous is available for both Android as well as iOS.


Habitbull is yet another powerful app that helps the user to keep track of their day-to-day habits and routines in form of charts. The user can set a daily, weekly or monthly target for their habit. The app has a clean and colourful interface and it easily connects with Google Fit, Apple Health and the user's calendar. The free version of the app, which is available in both iOS and Android, allows the user to track five habits at one time. But if the user wants to track more habits, he will have to buy the premium version of the app that can track upto 100 habits.


Habitify app helps the users to track their goals and regularly track their progress based on their targets and reminders. The app has a really simple interface and best part is that the app allows the user to check the skipped or failed days when he couldn't complete the goal. The data of the app can be synced between the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

This app is another useful app to track your goals and habits and even create new habit. also enables the user to hire a habit coach for $20 per week or get leadership coaching for $249 on a monthly basis. This app is one of the few goal tracking apps that is available for iPhone, Android smartphones and Web.