Truth behind Robert F. Kennedy's assassination: Kennedy Jr. believes another gunman killed his father in LA

Kennedy Jr. doesn't think Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy and his son
Robert F. Kennedy and his son Rober F. Kennedy Jr. Reuters & YouTube grab

Several available news reports stated that on June 5, 1968, the younger brother of former US President John F. Kennedy and a presidential candidate at that time, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated by Palestinian Sirhan B. Sirhan, who fired multiple shots with a handgun at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. But, now his son Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants a new investigation, as he doesn't think that the convict is the killer of his father.

He made this shocking revelation during an interview with Washington Post last week. Prior to the interview, he went to Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, which is a California state prison complex, located outside San Diego to meet the murderer of his father. He also reviewed the autopsy report as well as a police report and spoke with witnesses of that incident to know if there anything still is hidden about Robert F. Kennedy or Bobby Kennedy's assassination.

Even though, the 64-year-old Kennedy Jr. did not reveal the three hours long conversation with the 74-year-old Sirhan, who is currently serving his life sentence, he told during the interview that he went to meet the man, who is convicted of his father's murder, because he was curious and was quite disturbed after seeing details in the evidence.

Kennedy Jr. said, "I was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father. My father was the chief law-enforcement officer in this country. I think it would have disturbed him if somebody was put in jail for a crime they didn't commit."

There are movies and several theories claim that apart from Lee Harvey Oswald, the convict of JFK assassination there are other gunmen, which is already a topic of controversy for over five decades. Now after the unexpected interview of Kennedy Jr. who was 14 at the time of Bobby Kennedy's assassination, stated that he is convinced by the conspiracy theorists about the presence of another gunman at the Ambassador Hotel, where his father was shot twice into the back of his head.

It should be known to all that in 1969, during the trial, Sirhan admitted that he shot Bobby Kennedy but he has no memory of that incident. Even though it looked like an open-and-shut case, over the years several reports showed that as many as 13 shots had been fired on June 5, 1968. On the same time, the convict was reported to be standing in the front of Bobby Kennedy, not behind him and as it was reported the fatal bullet was fired from one inch behind Kennedy.

As per the reports, multiple times the court has refused to reopen the case or start a new investigation on Robert F. Kennedy's assassination. In a recent decision against Sirhan's appeals, the judge said that even if another gunman was involved in the assassination of Kennedy, Sirhan "would be liable [for murder] as an aider and abettor."

The Washington Post also stated that Bobby Kennedy or Robert F. Kennedy's old pal Paul Schrade, who chaired as an official at United Auto Workers, believes that since he was one of those five others, who were shot and wounded at the Ambassador Hotel, Sirhan's bullets hit him and the others but not his friend Kennedy.

A lawyer and environmental activist, Kennedy Jr. said that when he went through the autopsy report of his father that he received from Schrade, he felt that this is not something that he should overlook.

This article was first published on May 27, 2018