Truth Behind Brave Girls Yuna Using Anti-Male Term; Is Backlash From Male Activists Justified?

One word used by Brave Girls member Yuna during the Naver show has landed the singer in controversy.

Brave Girls member Yuna is facing backlash from extreme male activists after a video clip of her talking to Brave Girls members started circulating online. Yuna's comment during a segment of Naver NOW's Bbucance show led male activists slam the Brave Girls member for disregarding the male community. But is she being targeted because of misunderstanding? Here is what happened!

In one of the segments of the show, Brave Girls were complimenting Eunji and her abilities of playing games efficiently. Eunji was facing the camera with her adorable gestures and the other three Brave Girls members including Yuna were seen talking in the background. When the camera panned to Yuna, she shared about her accomplishment in the game and said how many points she had gathered.

Brave Girls Yuna
Brave Girls KPop band member Yuna. Instagram


"I received 'oh-jo-ok' (a lot/many) points. I received 'oh-jo-ok' points," said Yuna. This became a point of controversy as the word is considered derogatory if taken as a slang. Literally oh-jo-ok means 5.5 trillion or it even means 'a lot'. The problem is that the word sounds similar to 'oh-jo-oh-ok,' which is considered derogatory by male activists.

Koreaboo reported that the term oh-jo-oh-ok refers to unnecessarily high sperm count of 5.5 trillion. Male activists stated that the term is used by feminists to degrade men and uphold their agenda. It is also said that feminists use the term to talk about misogyny, as well as the ratio of sex crimes committed by males versus sex crimes committed by females.


Considering the context, Yuna just used the term to mean 'a lot'. Currently, the singer is being targeted by extreme male activists who are bombarding her and Brave Girls social media pages with hate comments. Brave Girls agency Brave Entertainment has issued a statement in this regard with warning of legal action against those posting malicious comments.

"Recently, we have been dealing with malicious comments targeting our artist. The comments have been slandering them with unproven false rumors and personal attacks. We have identified numerous malicious posts that have damaged our artist's integrity," the statement read.

"Regarding this, we have completed collecting evidence based on the internal monitoring and reporting that we have been doing. We intend to take legal action to protect our artists from malicious comments. In the future, we will continue to monitor and take legal action against those who slander or leave unproven malicious comments against our artists. There will be no leniency given," stated Brave Entertainment.

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