Truth about Tim McGraw, Faith Hill saving marriage after 'rough patches'

The American singer, who has been married to his wife 23 years, recently shared a throwback photo of him and Hill to mark their anniversary.

Tim McGraw with wife
A blast from the past. Throwback picture shared by McGraw in 2017 on their anniversary Tim McGraw/Instagram

A report surfaced claiming that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who have been married for 23 years, were going through "rough patches" but now "are happier than they've ever been." However, these claims aren't true.

While all married couples go through some issues sometime or the other, there was nothing that two had to work on to make their marriage work. A source told OK! magazine that the couple's marriage "started to crack" as their three daughters started getting older.

"Faith took a break from recording in 2005 to stay home with the kids while Tim pushed on with his music and acting career," a source said, adding that Hill started to "hear stories about Tim's wandering eye and flirty behavior — and wasn't happy." The source also added that McGraw "became a changed man" following his sobriety.

"After that, it felt like they'd truly cleared the air and were able to start fresh," the phony source went on to say. "They realized that they're supposed to be partners. And that together they can get through whatever is thrown their way."

These claims, however, are completely untrue, according to rumour-debunking site Gossip Cop.

While OK! magazine said that McGraw and Hill fought hard to avoid a divorce, the truth is that the two are happily married. Last week, McGraw shared a throwback photo of him and his wife as they celebrated their 23rd anniversary.