Truth about Jamie Foxx, Kate Beckinsale dating after Katie Holmes split

Holmes and Foxx ended their six-year-long relationship in August following which the actress has been focusing on her career and daughter.

Jamie Foxx
Twitter/Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx, who split with Katie Holmes in August, was surrounded by new dating rumours with Kate Beckinsale. Rumours surfaced after Foxx and Beckinsale were both spotted at the Golden Globes Ambassadors Party a week ago.

However, the claims made by a media report about Foxx's dating life isn't true.

During the event, Foxx and Beckinsale were photographed at different times together. Some photos, however, purportedly showed Foxx's arm on Beckinsale's waist. As the two are both single, fans speculated that they were romantically involved.

Beckinsale responded to the claims, saying the dating rumors are untrue. The actress also took the lectured about making assumptions using her social media. Beckinsale filed for divorce from her husband, Len Wiseman, in 2016.

"I would like to point out that standing next to someone does not mean I am dating them," she captioned the Instagram post. "Currently in line at the dry cleaners, and if that's true, I've got a hell of a problem."

The latest news comes days after rumours surfaced that Holmes was trash-talking about Foxx. The rumour was spread by National Enquirer, which has a history of making false claims.

The tabloid recently said that Holmes was insulting "serial-womanizer" Foxx for his flings and hookups since his split. An unnamed source sais Holmes isn't pleased with Foxx's partying ever since they ended their relationship.

"It's made it difficult for her to move on. She's told him to lose her number, but he won't stop!" the source said, adding that Holmes was coping with the breakup by slamming Foxx.

However, these claims were untrue, according to the rumour-debunking site, Gossip Cop.

This article was first published on November 23, 2019