Trump's Toddler Video Sparks War With Kurds: Meme Maker Rips Into Media Over 'Racist Baby' Video

Meanwhile, the parent of one of the kids in the video filed a copyright infringement claim and asked Twitter and Facebook to take it down.

Parents of one of the kids in Trump's 'Racist Baby' video lodged a copyright claim on Friday and asked Twitter and Facebook to take it down. "It's terrible that the President of the United States is actually joking with something like this", Michael Cisneros, the parent who lodged the copyright claim, said on CNN.

According to him, Trump was using the 'manipulated' video to bolster his base. It was a calculated move, Cisneros said, as Trump posted it on Juneteenth, which is a holiday to celebrate the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States. Consequently, the spokespersons of Twitter and Facebook said that the video was taken down.

Trump's 'Racist Baby Video' Controversy

Donald Trump

Trump tweeted the video of an African-American toddler being chased by a white kid, with a fake CNN graphic, that read 'Terrified toddler [sic] runs from racist baby'. The remaining video shows the actual video in which the toddlers run to embrace each other. The video was also posted on his Facebook page.

Twitter swiftly labeled the tweet as 'manipulated media', before taking it down on Friday. Facebook too has a manipulated media policy but did not comment if the video violated that. It took down the video after a copyright infringement claim was lodged, CNN reported.

Although Twitter claims that the video has been taken down, it's still present on the Twitter page of @carpedonktum. Trump's tweet included a credit to this page, which regularly posts similar edited videos. It was posted in September last year and has been watched over half-a-million times.

In a tweet, it said that the funniest part was that for the past 24 hours, news media analyzed what the video meant and no one bothered to ask him. It posted another video on the same premise -- a fake CNN graphic -- that read: 'Trump's Toddler Video Sparks War With The Kurds' and asked the news media for a fact check.

In another tweet, the handle said that Trump tweeting a meme on how CNN spins narratives is immediately picked up by the news media, terming it as Trump exploiting babies and getting flagged by Twitter is the "most 2020 thing ever".

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