Trump visits factory not wearing mask while saying more deaths can happen after reopening of economy

A factory worker played the song 'Live and Let Die' while Trump visited the factory without wearing a mask

While touring a mask factory without wearing a mask on Tuesday, May 5, the United States President Donal Trump admitted that there will be more deaths while reopening the economy but insisted that the coronavirus threat has reduced in the country. The President was visiting a Honeywell factory in Phoenix, Arizona where he gave an interview. The reporter had asked him about the concerns behind the reopening of the economy when he admitted the possibility.

When asked about the possibility of death tolls increasing because of the reopening of the economy and lifting the social distancing norms President Donald Trump replied to the reporters by saying that "It's possible there will be some."

Donald Trump was conducting one of his first major visit to the factory after the lockdown began. Trump was not wearing a mask while visiting the factory. The President also praised the factory workers for their efforts of making the medical masks required for the health care workers and other key workers. During his visit, Trump also emphasized on the need to look ahead. Supporting Trump's claims about the economy and the pandemic the White House said that Trump's emergency response group for during the pandemic might be disbanded by early June.

The Trump reelection campaign has been severely affected because of the massive shutdown in the United States because of the coronavirus which has killed 70,000 people in the country and is predicted to take tens of thousands more lives.

Donald Trump

The US President gave an interview to the ABC's David Muir when he was visiting the Pheonix factory where he admitted to the health experts' concerns about the lives of the American citizens. "There'll be more death, that the virus will pass, with or without a vaccine. And I think we're doing very well on the vaccines but, with or without a vaccine, it's going to pass, and we're going to be back to normal," Trump said during the interview.

'Live and Let Die'

The Guns n Roses cover of the James Bond movie song "Live and Let Die" was blasting through the PA system while Trump was visiting the factory. Despite federal guidance, Trump has consistently refused to wear the mask. Earlier on Tuesday, he had said that he might wear a mask while hiring the Honeywell factory. According to a White House official, the factory had told the team that they would not be required to wear the mask.

The factory workers and other staffs of the factory wore masks while the US President visited. There was a sign in the factory that read "Please wear your mask at all times." Trump was also said to have not addressed several safety concerns and some believe that this is to make America return to work amid the concerns of the coronavirus.

Trump has also been sceptical about the masks even during the early parts of the coronavirus pandemic. White House experts say that the First Lady has been a promoter of masks which could act as an important tool while comparing the coronavirus infection. But, the President has been seen to downplay the need to wear the mask.

The Trump visit came a week after the Pence visit to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota which created an uproar as several pointed out that the Vice President was not wearing a mask. On Monday, May 4, Vice President Mike Pence said that he should have worn a mask. There have been a rising number of protests across America asking for the reopening of the country.

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