Trump unknowingly tweets Larry David's clip in which the comic mocks him and his supporters

The 30-seconds clip is from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', in which the American comic Larry David wears a MAGA hat, in order to repel people

US President Donald Trump tweeted a 30-second clip featuring American comic Larry David on Monday. In the clip, David wears a MAGA (Make America Great Again!) hat, highly popular among Trump supporters. It appears that the US President didn't really understand the point that the red hat with "Make America Great Again" was used as a tool to repel people and evade burly angry bikers.


Larry David in MAGA hat
YouTube/Screen Grab

The pinned tweet on US President Donald Trump's profile is a 30-seconds clip from the comedy series 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', created by American comic Larry David, who features in the show as a fictionized version of himself.

In the clip, David is seen driving a car, when a burly man, with the typical Donald Trump supporter's look, narrowly missed getting hit by David's car. "What the f**k are you doing?", the angry biker charges at him. "What the f**k? What are you trying to do, man?"

After the biker charges some more F-words at David, is when he rolls down his window and says "I'm sorry, I didn't see you". He then puts on the "Make America Great Again" hat. The biker smiles and says "Just be more careful next time, OK?"

President misses the whole point

The 30-seconds clip is part of an act in which Larry learns that the MAGA hat is a great people repellent. He uses the hat to avoid lunch with a guy and to make sure no one sits beside him at a sushi bar. The bike incident shows another utility of the hat, that it doesn't just repel people in his Hollywood circle, but also protects him from angry bikers, who otherwise would have attacked him.

Later in the clip, Larry explains the concept to his manager and says, "Look, when you're a celebrity, you can do anything you want", taking a sly dig at Trump for his infamous Access Hollywood tape, where he jokes about him sexually assaulting multiple women.

When Larry David was asked in an interview that he mocking Trump supporters who are also his show's fan, might alienate them. To this he says, "Go, alienate, you have my blessing!". "No, I could give a fuck!", he adds.