Trump stimulus: Shark Tank's Mark Cuban does not care, would have done it differently

American entrepreneur Mark Cuban says Donald Trump's stimulus package is a good program but he would have done it in a different way

American entrepreneur and Shark Tank show fame Mark Cuban commented recently that Donald Trump's stimulus package was a "a good program," but said he would have done it in a different way. He said he did not want his employees to work when it's not safe.

Cuban, who is the owner of NBA's Dallas Mavericks, said that he would have set up overdraft protections for all businesses. "The way we're doing it now, and trying to have everybody apply for a loan, that just adds friction to the process," he told Fox News' Watters' World on Saturday.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

He said such a friction would apply to the $1,200 stimulus check. However, he said that Trump's program was a good one at present but he would have made it in his way differently, in such a way that small or medium businesses would get covered with all the checks and later Federal Bank would reimburse to local bank for any bounces.

"That way, you could keep all your employees employed, pay all your bills, pay your mortgage, pay your rent and utilities, and things can continue, somewhat at least, as normal," said the Shark Tank TV show's star.

American lives set to change

He also pointed out that all aspects of overall life in the US would be altered as an impact of the coronavirus pandemic, terming it 'America 2.0' after the pandemic. "We really don't know what to expect, what's on the other side," he added saying that there is no better country for all the entrepreneurs and capitalists, because they would adapt to the new condition.

He said he did not care what media and the politicians say but he would care to help others and care about others who can help. Previously, Cuban had told ABC's The View that he did not want his employees to work when it's not safe, adding that he did not care about "what the president or anybody else say."

His recent remarks came when he was asked about Trump's wish to loosen the lockdown and restart the American economy in a few weeks.

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