Trump Jr Implies Texas Governor is Democrat Amid Ted Cruz's Cancun Row, Twitter Users Say 'Lay Off Cocaine'

Donald Trump Jr. was mocked on Twitter for implying that Texas governor was a Democrat, whereas the position is held by Republican Greg Abott.

Social media users mocked Donald Trump Jr. for implying that Texas governor was a Democrat, whereas the position is held by Republican Greg Abott. Trump Jr. made the comments in a video defending Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is facing severe backlash for heading to Cancun with his family amid a raging winter storm and power outage across the state.

Trump Jr. criticized those who slammed Cruz for his Cancun trip. He stated on Twitter that the senator's critics remained silent "on their Democrat Governor's incompetence." He included a link to his Rumble video, where he defended Cruz.

In the video, Trump Jr. admitted that Cruz's move to go to Cancun as millions were Texans battled the deadly snowstorm and power outage was not "ideal." But, he said that as a senator, Cruz's job was "mostly vote on things" and that it was the governor's job to manage crisis in the state.

Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump Jr. appears at the Four More Tour by Turning Point Action in Omaha, Nebraska, on Sep. 28, 2020. Flickr/Matt Johnson

"In the grand scheme of things, he's a senator. He doesn't manage crisises (sic) in states (sic). That's a governor's job," Trump Jr. said. "He is a federal employee. They mostly vote on things. So, I'm not gonna jump on this bandwagon of trying to cancel the guy for taking his kids on a vacation. And again, maybe it's not the ideal time, quite certainly it's not but like give me a break."

Trump Jr. continued: "They [critics of Cruz] are spending more time on focusing on this than they are ... governors just flagrantly disregarding their executive orders shutting down states, et cetra, shows you how ridiculous things are."

He added: "Now if I were a Trump, which I am, I'd come up with a nickname for something like this, like, maybe, I don't know, 'Cancun Cruz,'" Trump Jr. said. "It's funny, but like honestly I can't get on this bandwagon trying to cancel the guy."

However, Twitter users were quick to remind Trump Jr. that Texas has a Republican governor — Abott. Some users even told him to "lay off" or "step away" from cocaine — stemming from claims that Trump Jr. appeared for interviews after taking drugs.

Trump Jr. has not yet correct his tweet.