Trump Exposed? Mash-Up Video Shows US President Reading Identical Script at Different Coronavirus Briefings

The US President can be seen reading a similar script at different COVID-19 briefings in the video, which has gone viral on social media

With the world struggling to fight against the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, the US President Donald Trump has made the headlines in the past few months because of many of his statements ranging from his opinions about the use of masks to recommending people to use hydroxychloroquine to cure the virus.

The US has been the worst affected country due to the deadly pandemic as more than 5.1 million people have got infected with the virus and over 166,000 people have lost their lives till now. Trump has repeatedly assured that his administration has been giving their best to ensure that the nation defeats the pandemic.

He has been mentioning that the US is working at a brilliant speed to make a vaccine for the disease and his administration has been successfully conducting tests all over nation to tackle the virus.

Trump Repeating 'Script'?

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Now, a mash-up video made by The Recount shows that the US president has been reading identical scripts during his briefings about the COVID-19 pandemic and US. In the video, which is a mash-up of his briefings, Trump can be seen stating that the US is conducting more than any other country in the world. He also cites the exact same phrases while talking about the deaths of elderly people due to the coronavirus and how they can fast-track the vaccine for 100 million of the 330 million Americans living in the US, as reported by

The mash-up made by The Recount was posted on Twitter and it went viral. The caption of the tweet reads," Trump's COVID briefings: same script, different day." Netizens have started reacting to the video as one Twitter user mentioned that as the President cannot conduct rallies for elections, thus he is using the briefings for his political campaigns. Another netizen commented that the scriptwriters for the president are lazy. Another user expressed her anger and mentioned that the White House needs to get some integrity.

With the elections coming, Trump will be hoping that a vaccine is available for the COVID-19 to help him gain ground in his bid for getting re-elected as the US president.

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