Trump Ally Kari Lake is Accused of Being Capitol Attack Co-Conspirator on Social Media

A former TV news anchor-turned-right-wing gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, who is Donald Trump's favorite, has won the Arizona Republican Primary Race by making false claims of 2020 elections as the basis of her campaign.

A faction of social media followers has even gone to the extent of saying that Kari Lake was one of the co-conspirators of Trump in 2020 Capitol attack adding that she had made the episode a center of her campaigning.

Kari Lake

Detractors dub Kari Lake as 'Hypocrite', 'Fake' and a 'Liar'

Supporters and detractors of Trump have once again taken to social media platforms sharing their comments on Lake's win. The supporters have dubbed her as a "smart", "convincing" and "Proficient" while the detractors have called her a

"liar", "fake" and "hypocrite" individual unfit to be a politician.

A report published by Politico stated that Over the past year Lake has appeared with Trump at rallies and spotted at Mar-a-lago events. She is a favorite guest on conservative shows, although she appeared on Fox News only once during primetime hours. There has been so much buzz around Lake that it has led to speculation in her circles and among her right-wing fans that she could be on Trump's short list for a potential running mate, should she ultimately become governor and he run again for president. Those familiar with Trump's thinking say they're unfamiliar with any such talk and speculation is painfully premature.

A Twitter user shared his resentment adding, "How do you spell hypocrite? D-U-C-E-Y....In July, "Doug Ducey, Arizona's governor, ... went to CNN and said, "Kari Lake is misleading voters (about the 2020 election) with no evidence."

Another user wrote, "Notice @KariLake didn't run away from the issue of election fraud—she ran toward it. She made it the centerpiece of her campaign. And she won every county in Arizona. Now she's up against one of the prime symbols of the fraud, Katie Hobbs. It's the biggest race of the midterms!"

"Arizona Republicans gave Donald Trump the gubernatorial nominee he wanted. Now comes the hard part: convincing unaffiliated voters that former news anchor Kari Lake isn't as extreme as her detractors warn," read a tweet.

"A broker has contacted me with an offer from a lawyer in Flagstaff, Arizona for The amount would roughly pay for a nice bottle of wine. I turned down the offer and am now drinking wine while finishing Kari Lake's new campaign website," read another tweet.