"True Success Is the Ability to Live from the Inside Out," Says Motivational Speaker Kendra Conyers

Kendra Conyers

Success and prosperity are the dreams of every individual. But how does one define success? Is it really just about getting rich and acquiring the approval of others? Kendra Conyers believes that when you change from the inside, that's when you have achieved true success in life.

Like every other person, Kendra used to think that success was achieving a higher position in a company; however, her promotion at the call center in Atlanta proved her wrong. She felt unaccomplished and empty despite having achieved so much in life; Kendra completed her bachelor's in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and master's in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. So, what was really missing? It was a passion.

Passion strives us to work hard and pursue our dreams with dedication. Kendra realized that real estate made her passionate. She would sit in her cubicle and search homes on Zillow as a hobby but never thought of a career in the field.

By God's Grace, Kendra decided to take the giant leap of changing careers. Resigning from her position, she moved back to North Carolina to attend a school and earn a license in real estate.

When God is your CEO, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals; this belief by Kendra maintained her self-esteem to take on challenges in life. Her career in real estate came with many risks and failures; she had to terminate contracts from homes in some months. Kendra always had a positive outlook in life that contributed to her success. She says, "I refuse to quit. Once my mind is made up, I will move heaven and hell to ensure things are in order."

Kendra Conyers & Associates is the result of Kendra's efforts and optimism. As a broker, she went from selling 21 homes in the first eight months to 42 homes in her full year of real estate; the firm is one of the most popular agencies in North Carolina.

Now, Kendra is helping others achieve success in life. She has launched many projects to empower her community. 'Boss Babe Pink Print' by Kendra Conyers is an eCourse to assist new real estate agents in their careers. Through her mentorship, Kendra is optimistic that agents will increase sales, acquire leads, and close deals. To empower women, she founded She Became Women's Ministry and Girls Grace Foundation, Inc., which mentors young girls and helps women to build their careers as well as evolve.

Personal and professional development is the real secret to success, and Kendra acquired it through real estate. Her experience has taught her that success comes from the inside. She says, "The totality of success is not in the car we drive, the money we make or having the right address; the totality of success is what lies on the inside."