'True story': The Irishman gangster Frank Sheeran is singer Ed Sheeran's uncle

The movie "The Irishman" revolves around the secrets kept by a loyal member of the Bufalino crime family. The character Frank Sheeran is played by Robert De Niro.

Shocking revelations! Prominent singer Ed Sheeran is reportedly related to Frank Sheeran who was once a cartel worker. The movie, The Irishman, that is based on the Bufalino crime family, has some hidden truths unveiled along with reports stating Frank Sheeran was a distant uncle of the "Shape Of You" singer.

The movie by Martin Scorsese stars actors like Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel. The movie titled "The Irishman" revolves around how Frank Sheeran a truck driver gets involved with the mafia people, the Bufalino crime family. The film reflects and looks back on the secrets he had kept by being a loyal member of the mafia family.

Here's a little insight into the Bufalino crime family. This Italian-American Mafia crime family has been active since the 1990s in the Northeastern Pennsylvania cities. They have varied names and some of them include Scranton Wilkes-Barre family, the Pittston crime family, Northeastern Pennsylvania crime family, to name a few.

Robert De Niro
Instagram grab/ Robert De Niro

According to an article published by Metro, Frank Sheeran, who had worked for Jimmy Hoffa, is Ed Sheeran's distant relative. The mobster, Frank Sheeran, played by Oscar-winner Robert De Niro in the movie, died in 2003. The Line of Duty star, Stephan Graham, swears and says that the two are related. "They're related, you know. Honest to God – I swear on my nana's life," Graham states.

He continues: "That's what Ed said, he says it's his distant uncle." Stephen has also claimed that everything shown in the movie is real and all of it is exactly what happened. He says: "It's all based on true events, on Frank Sheeran. Before he passed away, he gave all this information to a journalist who turned it into a book."

Ed Sheeran had mentioned the movie in 2011 on his Twitter. However, the "Perfect" singer never hinted having connections to Frank Sheeran. "Robert De Niro is playing a top Irish gangster in a new Martin Scorsese film. The gangster he is playing is called Frank Sheeran. True story," he had tweeted.