True Detective: Delay of the potential season 3 is because of this reason

The show reportedly made some changes by hiring Emmy-winning writer-producer David Milchto work with Pizzolatto

Popular TV series, True Detective ended its Season 2 nearly two years back but there's no word as to when the upcoming season will return. However, HBO insisted that there is a possibility of the third season of the show.

The series became a huge hit when it first premiered in 2014, and it not only received high ratings but also excellent reviews from critics.The show also won several awards and earned several nominations.

Sadly, the next season did not live up to expectation of the viewers like the first season did, with engrossing twists and turns. The former HBO President Michael Lombard accepted the fault by revealing that they pressured Nic Pizzolato, the show's creator to release the show much sooner.

So, possibly they are trying not to hurry up this time. According to the Bitbag, HBO is in the process to fix the show, particularly, by making some changes in the potential season 3 of the show. It includes hiring a staff of writers or may be a showrunner. No matter what, Pizzolatto would remain the executive producer of the series.

There are no actors attached to Season 3 currently, but it has been reported that Matthew McConaughey who starred in the show as Detective Rustin "Rust" Cohle is willing to reprise his role for the potential season 3. Woody Harleson's Detective Martin "Marty" Hart may also return.

The show reportedly made some changes by hiring Emmy-winning writer-producer David Milch to work with Pizzolatto. It coud be a good sign but unfortunately, there is no indication as to when the next season would take place. Fans will have to wait for the official announcement about the same.