Truck Hits Black Lives Matter Protester in Hollywood After Being Surrounded [Graphic Video]

One of the ladies protesting the lack of murder charges in Breonna Taylor case got hit and possibly run over by a pickup truck

Late Thursday night in Los Angeles, an incident occurred on the Sunset Boulevard of Hollywood where one female protester got hit by a pickup truck as she was taking part in a Black Lives Matter protest. The lady was trying to block the path of the truck but its driver tried to force his way through, in the process seriously injuring the victim.

Following this, other protesters in the group tried to grab the driver by attempting to open the door of the vehicle. But the driver eventually sped away through the group of demonstrators. Later, a police helicopter that was monitoring the protest followed the truck and police cars pinned it down to take the driver into custody.

The pickup truck hit a female protester Twitter

Video of incident

This incident was caught on camera and the video has been widely shared on social media platforms. The video shows that not only did the driver of the truck hit the young lady who was holding a placard but, when other protesters started to bang on doors and windows of the vehicle, he drove the truck on with speed, possibly running over the injured lady on the floor and, as per reports, almost hitting a medic who was attending on the injured person.

The lady was then stretchered and taken to a medical facility. Her present condition is not known. A local news station's helicopter was able to capture the scene of the errant driver getting arrested. The name of the person as well as charges leveled against him have not been disclosed. Apparently, he is still under custody.

Nature of protests

The protests taking place in Hollywood are related to the filing of charges in the Breonna Taylor case. The grand jury in the matter refused to treat the case as one of murder. It was against this decision that the march was being carried out. The protesters were on their way to a substation of the Los Angeles Police Department.

This wasn't the only incident of the night related to vehicles stuck in protests. The same local news station's helicopter camera recorded a Prius car wading its way through another demonstration and eventually getting blocked by a vehicle that was part of the protest. Despite attempts by the protesters to seize the driver, he managed to escape, without hurting anyone.