An OnlyFans content creator became a target of trolls recently but ended up gaining free publicity tripling her income within a month. Sofie Halili was trolled for posting a tweet in which she criticized men who felt entitled to sex because they "paid for dinner."

"Men who expect sex from a girl cuz they paid for diner: you think I'm worth 60 dollars???????" the 23-year-old posted on Twitter. Another user screenshot Halili's tweet and her OnlyFans subscription page that showed her monthly subscription rate to be $15.

"B**ch worth $15," the user said attempting to troll and shame Halili. This tweet gained traction and was widely shared on social media platforms such Instagram and Reddit.

"The funniest part is how the memes blew up my OnlyFans and I'm making more money than ever," Halili, a transwoman, told BuzzFeed News, adding that her income tripled last month.

"There's a 'top' percentage system based on how much money you make, and when the meme was posted I was in the top 1.2 percent of creators, but at the time of writing this, I'm in the top 0.57 percent of creators. That's a huge amount of growth. Since it's all anonymous, I wonder how many people who mocked me publicly also subscribed to me privately."

Sofia Halili
Sofia Halili Twitter

Halili, who joined OnlyFans to earn money for gender-affirmation surgeries, noted that the posts were "dehumanizing" and some netizens thought she got "owned" by the jokes circulating about her. Halili told BuzzFeed that men had "skewed perception" of women's bodies and that they valued them for based on their perceived "purity." She also explained that by highlighting her OnlyFans subscription rate, people attempted to "devalued" her job and labor.

"[The surgeries are] really expensive and not covered by insurance," she said. "It would take me years to earn that much money from an in-real-life job, so something that can get lucrative really fast felt like my only option if I wanted to get surgeries before I was 25."