Tribute to Jim Morrison's legacy: 'The Doors Reimagined' all set to rock Singapore

The Doors
The Doors. Twitter/The Doors

The Doors is one of the most popular rock bands in the world and their live concerts were so enchanting that it sent the fans into a tizzy. Jim Morrison was the centre of it all and ruled the stage with a voice and charisma no one could match. The vocalist carved a name for himself as an iconic singer in the history of rock. Jim Morrison and his band The Doors lives on even today after completing almost 50 years of the vocalist's death.

The Doors Reimagined
The Doors Reimagined. PR Handout

The band, formed in 1965, went on to rock millions of hearts across the globe and all of their songs are considered as classics.

They are played on a loop in several pubs, radio stations and homes even now. While Rolling Stone ranked The Doors as '100 Greatest Artists of All Time', Classic Rock magazine ranked the lead singer Jim Morrison '50 Greatest Singers in Rock'.

Their last performance was in 1978 and after the tragic and early death of Jim Morrison, The Doors disbanded and remained as a memory which will never be forgotten.

To keep the flame of The Doors alive, a cover band named The Doors Reimagined was formed, and they bring back memories of the band by entrancing and recreating their sound, charisma and presence.

The Doors Reimagined is all set to rock Singapore on February 7 and 8, 2020 and the lead singer Justin Burford will perform with a full orchestra. The concert, which brings back Jim Morrison's legacy, will be held at the Sands Theatre in Marina Bay Sands.

The band is expected to belt out hits like L.A Woman, Riders on the storm, Light my fire, Hello I love you, People are strange, Break on through (to the other side), Roadhouse Blues, Love Her Madly, Touch me and many more. The concert would be electrifying and an experience to remember and relive the good old days of pure and unadulterated rock n roll.

The Doors Reimagined must be seen to be believed! Long live rock n roll, the only music that soothes the soul!