Trey Songz Rumored Girlfriend Yasmine Lopez Spices up Instagram with Eye-Popping Video

Rumors are doing the rounds that rapper Trey Songz is in a relationship with Instagram model Yasmine Lopez. The sizzling beauty became the talk of town after sharing a few mirror selfies on her social media handle posing alongside a shirtless Songz as she sported a pink bathrobe flaunting ample cleavage.

As soon as the selfies went viral, Lopez received a barrage of followers and crossed the magic number of 1 million followers. Though the two have not confirmed their relationship in public, the writing is on the wall that there's something brewing between the two and her smile says it all that she's head-over-heels in love with Songz.

Trey Songs Rumoured Girlfriend Yasmine Lopez
Instagram grab/ Yasmine Lopez

Now that Lopez is brimming with new followers, the curly-haired model has spiced up her Instagram handle showing an eyeful of lingerie pictures and videos that'll leave you gasping for breath. Just recently she snapped a selfie inside a car sporting a noodle strap black lace bralet which received more than 70,000 likes and followed it up with another snakeskin red blouse flaunting her curves, new hairdo, golden watch and a gold chain with her name 'Yasmine' across it.

Just today, the voluptuous beauty sported a teal bikini and striped underwear making jaws drop with her antics as she jiggled her assets and the video has got close to 200,000 views in just a span of 9 hours. We're sure the clip might hit a million views in a days time. The short video shows Lopez in her natural curly hair as she captioned it as, ''I think imma start wearing my natural hair out.''

The 21-year-old bombshell also gained significant following on OnlyFans post her selfie with Songz, where she posts intimate and private pictures and videos for her subscribers. She updated her bio on the website and now reads, ''21 Yummy Mummy, interested in travel, hustle, and meeting new people...around the globe and back...''

All eyes are on Songz and Lopez's social media handles and fans are expecting to see stories or pictures of the two spending time together on Valentine's Day. If the two do share pictures together, there's no doubt they're truly fallen in love.

On the work front, Songz released two singles ahead of Valentine's Day titled 'Brain' which dropped on February 11 and 'All This Love' which was out the next day. The rapper maintained his sensual R&B tone and kept listeners hooked to his soulful vocals and innuendos.