Travladd Crypto has promoted the NFT project to get more allowlist sponsors

Travladd Crypto

Crypto is one digital payment system that does not depend on banks to verify transactions. It's a peer-to-peer system that can help anyone send and receive payments anywhere. Instead of being physical money carried around and exchanged in the real world, cryptocurrency payments exist as digital entries to a database describing specific transactions. Travladd Crypto has promoted the NFT project to get more allowlist sponsors and promoters. As it was operated as Twitter, this channel shares news, facts, and reviews about different crypto projects and helps the audience gain valuable insights.

Travis Dickenson is the man behind operating the Telegram and Twitter accounts for sharing crypto news, reviews, and promotion with the community. He began the Telegram channel and the origins of the Binance Smart Chain. Travis is a cryptocurrency partnered Twitch streamer that also provides marketing for individuals and brands across his social media with the option of using his knowledge of social media to increase recognition and engagement. Travladd has shared giveaways on the Twitter handle, and currently, the group has given one of the giveaway prize amounts of $30,000 worth of BTC. Travladd shows a considerable variety of content on the platforms meant for the members. They share project reviews, AMA sessions, safelists, giveaway information, talks about new projects, and more detailed information about the established projects. Travis has formed a team of crypto enthusiasts running a crypto investor group to support the new projects. The group runs AMA campaigns to interview the projects and share their reviews with the public AMA Central is made by one of the most competitive marketing teams in Defi, led by Travis and Benson. They aim to bring safe and exciting projects to their beloved investors through their International reach in Telegram and Twitter. Their station filters and vets project to the maximum extent, ensuring our investors are safe.

The enthusiasts conduct live AMAs, review the projects, and know the crypto industry's pulse. They verify the information only to share it with their Twitter and Telegram channels. Travladd has more than 42,000 Telegram members and almost 240,000 Twitter followers.