Transparency In Business Is the Most Important Value: Ahmed Almallahi

Ahmed Almallahi

With a world full of embezzlement and fraud, it is rare to find anyone doing business with ethics. Transparency is the least anyone should expect from any business owner yet this is one of the most important traits any customer seeks to build trust to do business. Especially when it comes to real estate, this is exactly what Ahmed Almallahi offers through his company, Continental Real Estate. Continental Real Estate offers services such as valuation, investment advisory, and property management, and is a trampoline created by Ahmed Almallhi's father to carry on his legacy.

About Ahmed Almallahi

To achieve the success of Continental Real Estate, Ahmed Almallahi has had his fair share of struggles but born with an attitude to face the challenges head on. Ahmed is where he is now. Ahmed Almallahi graduated from an American university of Sharjah in 2016 with a Civil Engineering degree and pursued his masters in Real Estate Management and Development from Heriot Watt University in 2017 while working as a project engineer in a construction company. Later, he joined Jones Lang Lasalle, one of the leading commercial real estate services firms in the world to learn how a corporation works. Soon, he decided to leave the job and decided to carry on his father's legacy. Knowing that being a CEO is one of the most crucial positions in the company, Ahmed honed his skills and first gained experience in the construction field at Al Seher Al Kabeer and valuation surveying at CSE and JLL.

Ahmed's success formula

The exciting part for Ahmed about his career was to find enjoyment in other people's success. This has been his driving force for turning the company from a small and medium-sized enterprise to a corporate company that serves clients locally, regionally and internationally with commercial real estate services. When Ahmed took over as CEO, he was faced with the traditional organized structure with limited budget, a heap of pending work and outdated technological resource & employee skills but Ahmed managed to overcome all these struggles with a modern day approach that focused on adaptability of the new technology with the traditional ethics. Ahmed figured out that the customer should be their first priority and made sure that the whole team is aligned with the customer's demands.

Flying colors

Ahmed is a certified valuer from the land department. He had always respected his competition and considered their performance as his healthy competition. Keeping that spirit alive, Ahmed had managed the company to be awarded as real estate valuation company (CREV) by Dubai Land Department with silver category (4 stars) for the year 2021. His company was also involved in the sale of land in a business bay worth 190 million dollars which will have a proposed development of one of the tallest residential towers in the world. As of now the company is managing a real estate portfolio of corporate and private individuals with a rental income of 1.2+ Billion AED. With all these and many more to come, he intends to leave his footmark in the real estate world.

Ahmed Almallahi has set an example for the younger generation and he advises them that "Aim big and work hard for it. Take on the challenges because no challenge is bigger than you. Stay positive, no matter what situation life puts you in because tough times don't last but tough people do".