A transition from medical science to communication: Uncovering the journey of Nelly Efambe, Co-Founder, Election-net.com

Nelly Efambe

Nelly Efambe is the Co-Founder of Election-net.com, a dynamic Congolese media platform covering well-researched articles on elections, politics, security and sports news within the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Created in 2018 and within six months of its online presence, Election-net.com reached a milestone by partnering with Taboola, an advertising company based in New York. Nelly was able to sign four advertisement contracts for the media in less than a year which generated almost 20,000 dollars of business for her.

Nelly has studied medical science in Sao Paulo and is grateful to the Brazilian government for the scholarship offered. In 2008, Brazil announced The Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students providing students from developing countries with which Brazil maintains educational, cultural, scientific and technological agreements, the opportunity to pursue their education. The first group of participants included students who had the highest score at college, including Nelly Efambe who is now the founder of Election-net.com.

When Nelly finished her degree and moved to the USA, she started to see clues of what she actually enjoyed doing which was Medical Writing and Science Communication. Nelly then started editing manuscripts and posters along with helping her colleagues to prepare and practise their oral presentations in class. Nelly today speaks five languages and enjoys teaching. Identifying her interest and love for communication and language, she decided to give wings to her passion during the Congo elections of 2018 and created an online magazine with a focus on elections with Journalist Jose Junior Owawa.

This is how Nelly transitioned her career from medical science to communication which gave birth to Election-net.com. With her management and critical thinking, the platform experienced a spike in traffic after the addition of a football and culture section. Witnessing her website traffic and user engagement, Nelly and her team members are working on a robust design with a new technology to be launched in the near future. She also plans to hire more journalists to expand her coverage out of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.